, the UK’s leading independent provider of plastic pallets, launches Nest M1, the first “one-eighth” retail pallet to the supply chain industry.
Designed and manufactured by supply chain packaging specialists CABKA-IPS, the new Nest M1 pallet is a small, lightweight, nestable pallet, ideal for point-of-sale and eye-catching retail displays. Made with special secure location points, product displays and sleeves can be safely and effortlessly fixed to the pallet.
Made of high density Polyethylene (HDPE) the Nest M1 is robust and sturdy yet light, weighing 0.75kg. With a maximum static stacking load of 2,500kg the Nest M1 can hold up to 33 times its own weight.

Measuring 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 140mm (H) the Nest M1 sits on four conical feet allowing enough space for transport on a hand pallet truck skid and can be stacked up to 60 pallets high and 480 pallets in one full euro size space, providing a considerable space saving in both the warehouse and on the shop floor.

As the sole UK partner of CABKA-IPS plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes, the new Nest M1 pallet is exclusively available from
To request a product demonstration, brochure or speak to our award winning sales team about a quote, please call on 01323 744057. Alternatively, visit for full product specifications and datasheets.

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