Whitworths is the UK’s leading supplier of dried fruit, nuts and seeds and has been supplying the best quality products from around the world for over 125 years. As well as innovative product growth, Whitworths is always looking for ways to make its packaging more customer friendly and has recently contracted Flexico to supply its Sensogrip packaging for its range of home baking and snacking products. Its unique closure will be found in stores on the dates, banana chips, raisins, prunes, figs and cranberries packs.

Flexico’s Sensogrip fastener is easy to open and close, reliable and keeps contents fresher. It boasts automatic alignment, making it easier to open and close; saving the user time. The multi-track closure is the most hermetic and reliable on the market, which is very important when it is opened and closed many times. It is also designed to be accessible to everyone, which is a bonus for the elderly or those with disabilities. In tests, 90% of consumers gave the Sensogrip fastening the thumbs up.

After two years of research, Sensogrip closure has been designed to lead the market in re-sealable packaging, and the developers at Flexico are confident that they have achieved exactly that. Karine Schaefer, Manager of Flexico UK, says, “Re-sealable closures have evolved and I really think Sensogrip is the future of all re-sealable closures. There are never any problems of alignment, it will always close, and is a very intuitive closure. I believe multitrack closures will replace all single track closures.”

Sensogrip is designed to be accessible for all, is eco-designed, using fewer materials in comparison with other available closures for easy recycling, and can be integrated onto flexible packaging without compromising functionality or technical properties.”

Mark Oaten, Project Manager at Whitworths, says, “We have relaunched and redesigned the branding of our home baking and snacking range and have moved away from the sliding grip to a push to close fastening. This brought different challenges to the project as many push to close flexible packaging solutions on the market fail to meet the high standards Whitworths sets; they fail to line up properly and cannot cope with repeated use. We chose Flexico’s Sensogrip because of its simplicity and quality. In short, it is the right consumer application for our products.”

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