UV disinfection specialist Hanovia is launching its new PureLine Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) disinfection system in the Middle East region at the Dubai Drink Technology Expo (DDTE) on May 16.

Designed for disinfecting process water in the food, beverage and brewing industries, the launch will be at booth C41 at 10.30am, where Hanovia and its local distributor, Water Engineering Technology (WET) are exhibiting. The DDTE is being held at the Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre between May 16-18.

Commenting on the launch Halim Mirza, Hanovia’s MEA Manager, said: “Ensuring product quality in the beverage production process, while also being price conscious, can be a difficult balancing act for producers. They need to know that the disinfection technology they’re using is fit for purpose and will protect the product from pathogens such as Cryptosporidium or bacteria like E.coli. At the same time they need to balance the cost of the technology with the financial realities.

“Hanovia’s PureLine UVEO range ticks both boxes, as it offers a very high level of biosecurity while also reducing operational costs. UVEO technology powers the new generation of PureLine UV systems, delivering up to 60% less power usage than conventional, equivalent UV systems. This means lower energy use while still delivering effective water disinfection at required flows – all with a single medium pressure lamp.

“With customers becoming more conscious about energy saving, the PureLine UVEO range lines up with green initiatives, providing a critical barrier against contamination by non-chemical means. Using the system at particular points in the water treatment process also allows customers to also prolong the life of other components, such as reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, by eliminating the risk of downstream contamination. All in all, PureLine UVEO technology provides a more effective barrier and is optimised for the industry,” he added.

PureLine UVEO systems come in two ranges for water disinfection: the ‘Standard’ edition and the ‘H’ Edition, designed specifically to meet the highly stringent food, beverage and brewing industry regulations.

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