The UK is set to go bananas with Howler Head, an Aged Kentucky Spirit with Banana Flavouring, which has expanded its footprint in the UK market this Autumn. Howler Head, a product from Catalyst Spirits, is an official partner of UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organisation, and one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. The brand which recently launched into the UK has set its sights on rapid growth through grocery, on-trade and eCommerce, and is now available from the majority of larger Tesco stores and online, as well as on Amazon and Master of Malt, RRP £30.

At 80 proof, Kentucky’s influence really takes the spotlight, with a subtle sweet kick of banana on the finish. It can be enjoyed as a shot, with a beer/hard seltzer or as a flavourful enhancement to any classic whiskey cocktail. Campari Group also recently acquired a 15% stake in the business for $15 million for global distribution rights, as well as the option of full ownership of the brand from 2025, depending on future sales performance.

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