British Sausage Week is the start of the winter sales season for debbie&andrew’s. With 2015 November sales up 30% over the same period in 2014, it is a strong time of year for premium sausages. For 2016 debbie&andrew’s is celebrating the launch of a new Christmas Garnish Box and Perfect Pork Chipolatas which will be listed by Morrisons for the Christmas season. The 24 piece Christmas selection includes mini caramelised red onion stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and cocktail sausages, all of which are gluten, wheat and dairy free. The Perfect Pork Chipolatas are classic debbie&andrew’s, using the best cuts of quality British meat for making succulent sausages with pork from British farms that meet Red Tractor standards.
Additionally, debbie&andrew’s has seen an extension for its Harrogate 97% Pork sausage, gaining listings in another 200 Sainsbury’s stores. Further good news for the brand comes as new packaging design qualified it for The Grocer New Product Awards and Buttered Onion and Mustard Sausages are a finalist in the Great British Food Awards.

Ian Bagnall from debbie&andrew’s commented: “British Sausage Week kicks off an increasingly important time of the year for sausage sales. While the summer and barbecues are the backbone of the year for sausages, the winter, starting with Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course then the Christmas period, is almost as significant. These new products are designed to optimise this opportunity. The Perfect Pork Chipolatas are ideal for adding around a roast and slim enough to cook quickly for a simple but satisfying after-school supper. The Garnish Selection Box provides an easy bake-and-serve solution to party food as well as adding extra sizzle to Christmas meals.”

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