With its brand re-launch in full swing, 2012 is turning out to be an exciting year for The Bart Ingredients Company. New initiatives with Weber, Great British Chefs and the British Cookery School Awards, mean that Bart will be a hard to miss brand this summer.

Bart has partnered with the brand synonymous with dining al fresco, and has agreed an annual partnership with Weber. Working closely with their team of chefs, Bart will be sponsoring The Weber Grill Academy in Oxford, where novices and experts alike can learn a range of barbecuing techniques such as grilling, roasting and baking, cooking everything from roast chicken to chocolate brownies. The partnership was ignited by a shared presence at Taste of London last weekend where attendees were invited to join a series of Weber Master classes – all peppered with Bart Ingredients. Bart and Weber will again be side by side at Taste of Edinburgh on 6th- 8th July.

Next month, Bart will also be promoted on the Great British Chefs amazing website. All written by awarded UK chefs, this will be an online Mecca for any discerning cook looking for a morsel of inspiration. In addition, Bart has agreed an annual exclusivity deal across the Great British Chefs site, so look out for new hints, tips and recipes on how to get the best out of some of the most used as well as more unusual ingredients used in UK cooking, all available at Bart.

Finally, Bart is also sponsoring two awards for this year’s high-profile British Cookery School Awards – ‘Best Use of Local Ingredients’ and ‘Best specialist Cookery School’. See www.britishcookeryschoolawards.co.uk for more details.

The Bart Ingredients Company is building on its heritage of supplying herbs and spices, to become a leading supplier of a wide range of innovative cooking ingredients, from home baking to breadcrumbs and rubs.

Camilla Bond, Head of Marketing says, “Our diverse range of new partnerships and initiatives reflect Bart’s passion for cooking and inspiring creation. Every cook has a repertoire however small or large, but we know that equally, they are all constantly looking for inspiration and twists to freshen up old favourites. By working with Weber, Great British Chefs and The British Cookery School Awards, we hope to inspire and educate cooks across the UK, which will equally help bring Bart’s ingredients to life and broaden our customer base of discerning cooks.’’