With Ceetak Sealing Solutions, Confectionary, Fresh salad, Vegetable and Frozen food manufacturers can refresh their brands and increase their product shelf appeal by introducing the Ceetak QPH Sealing system to their VFFS bagging machines.

The Ceetak system operates efficiently on both continuous and intermittent machines, producing one of the smallest seals available to the market, typically 1-1.5mm. The main benefit of the system can be seen with average film savings between 7% to 15%.

Ceetak can retrofit the QPH system to any make of VFFS machine, extending the lifetime of the machine and offering manufacturers significant production flexibility to help keep up with ever changing market conditions.

The QPH system is IP65 rated and gives a number of additional benefits in terms of reduced maintenance, higher running speeds, faster sealing times and safer operation. Thus saving downtime and rework costs, whilst creating strong, durable seals which can increase shelf life of fresh product up to three days.
Ceetak have the capability and expertise to demonstrate this in their test facility to show that this new technology not only produces smaller seals but also stronger seals than those currently manufactured using conventional technology. Hermetically tight seals can also be easily achieved with this system. The Quick Pulse Heat sealing system can also be supplied with an “EASY OPENING DEVICE “, by means of bag perforation.

Ceetak have re-engineered their sealing technology based on 30 years’ experience in the process industry explains Andy Cleaver, Sales and Marketing Director at Ceetak Packaging Solutions.
“The premium seal quality demonstrates to the environmentally friendly consumer that it is not necessary to have wasted film at the top and bottom of the bag at point of sale. A further advantage is the opportunity to meet consumer demand for a product that can be opened without splitting the bag as seen with conventional crimp jaw technology.”

Demonstrations are available at Ceetak’s Test Facility where customer sample films can be trialled, alternatively customer site demonstrations are also possible.
TEL: 01234 832200
EMAIL: [email protected] CEETAK.COM

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