For over 100 years Grandmother Annie Wild’s famous biscuits have held a special place in both the hearts of biscuit lovers – and their biscuit barrels too. Four generations later the same methods handed down the Wilds family are still being used to delicious effect. But even the very best baked biscuits require pack presentation which reflect their premium quality, in a market sector crowded with competition.

That’s why, when deciding to renovate the packaging and design for their traditional fruit and lemon, ginger oat and chocolate chip range, Grandma Wild’s came to National Flexible and chose a totally new packaging film where customers can actually “feel the difference” from competitor products. The film, tactile lacquer, is a new process that creates a genuine tactile finish on flexible packaging film without the use of paper.

“We wanted something different. Of the many innovations National Flexible brought to the table the tactile lacquer looked and felt completely different! We were delighted to work with National Flexible in launching this innovative, UK first pack” Ann Scott, at Grandma Wilds.

David Daniels, National Flexible’s Technical Director said “This is a new pack concept that is difficult to achieve but well worth the effort, it looks great”.