Axis Cleaning and Support Services, the nationwide supplier of commercial cleaning services, has played a vital role in helping Guenther Bakeries UK to attain its highest ever ratings in a series of recent industry audits.

Guenther’s Bury-based manufacturing facility supplies over 500,000,000 products annually through two bread-bun and one English muffin lines.

External organisations including the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) undertake random audits, with the latest AIB audit being scored 920/1000. Further audits are taken for clients that require specific standards, including an international quick service restaurant.

James McDade, UK Technical Manager for Guenther Bakeries, says that cleaning is essential: “By maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene we sustain our deserved reputation within the industry and support the reputations of our clients,” he says.

Axis Cleaning and Support Services is the first external provider of cleaning at Guenther Bakeries UK, and has helped to control costs while increasing its input hours on service delivery at no cost.

“It has implemented positive changes and streamlined the service,” James continues. “Always keen to develop, Axis focuses on providing a very good and consistent service while maintaining an important collaborative relationship with us.”