Equipment cleaning systems from Oliver Douglas help to ensure production quality and hygiene standards are maximised in installations such as catering and food production facilities. They also include personal care and household cleaning products and John Glover, Oliver Douglas’ Sales Manager, points to an example where two of the company’s designs have been installed to meet objectives in this area.

“The installation had to accommodate regular changing of mixing equipment and parts for each product range within a new manufacturing extension at the site,” he says.

“We installed two Rotary Jet systems dedicated to cleaning stainless steel vessels and lids used in blending operations,” John Glover adds. “Each Rotary Jet has been pit mounted to create level access and extended in depth by 50% beyond the standard design to enable two rack loads to be washed in a single cycle.”

Four front-loading Panamatic 600 stand-alone wash stations were also installed. “Each Panamatic accommodates a tray into which components are loaded for washing,” John Glover continues. “The machines were linked to a common drain and fitted with smaller than standard heating systems to enable the customer to use his existing power supply.” The result reduced wash cycle times of 45 minutes to six minutes with each Panamatic.

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