Three Ishida Atlas iTPS systems, soon to be joined by a fourth, are weighing and packing the majority of the 60 million bags (12,000 tonnes) of snacks produced each year by Aperitivos y Extrusionados (Apex), one of Spain’s top three snack food manufacturers.

Vital to efficient operation is the interface at which high speed multihead weigher hands product over to high speed bagmaker. This is why, over ten years ago, Ishida became the first company to manufacture integrated weigher-bagmaker combinations. This enabled Ishida design engineers to consider the interface as a whole rather than as separate parts, and to carry on refining it over the years.

“Ishida multiheads are excellent and the Atlas bagmaker is very fast and reliable, with a very good product drop from one to the other.” says Agustin Miguélez, Apex Technical Director.

“The Atlas ECO (the latest Atlas system currently being purchased by Apex) is an excellent solution for pillow bags, a good combination of throughput, productivity and price.”

Bag quality is of great importance and here, the rotary-motion sealing jaws, the hot-steel back-seal unit and the precise and consistent control of the film feed all play their part.

“The quality of the bags is excellent,” comments Agustin Miguélez, “and the scrap rate with the Atlas is practically zero.”

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