In line with the recently announced APEX product development strategy at Parkside, the company has just announced that its Park-2-Nature™ multi-layer laminates have been approved for industrial and home composting.  Achieving the Vincotte OK Compost and OK Compost HOME accreditations is a first for the UK flexible packaging market and comes after months of work at the Normanton site.
Steve McCormick, Director of Technology comments: “The challenge of recycling flexible packaging is well known and we felt that offering a credible alternative solution to landfilling was important.  Having the OK Compost accreditations, as well as the seedling certification, for both of our paper and film barrier laminate substrates is a big step forward for the industry and opens up significant opportunities for us to develop business with customers working with green, organic and environmentally sensitive brands.

“We’ve seen a lot of brands claiming home compostability on their packs without the relevant accreditation and testing.  The OK Compost certification system is well known throughout Europe and should give brands the confidence that consumers can truly compost the packaging in their gardens!”
The duplex laminates, launched under the Park-2-Nature brand name, are initially being targeted towards the coffee bag market where many brand owners have been requesting sustainable solutions for their flexible packaging but is also suitable for a great many different food products such as dried fruit and confectionery.

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