Budding Hestons and Gordons can now experiment with a myriad of ingredients and kit previously only available to professional chefs. www.souschef.co.uk, which launched today, offers more than 500 innovative products inspired by top restaurants and international cuisine – all in sizes suitable for use at home.

Founder Nicola Lando was inspired to create the site after interning in a Michelin-starred kitchen:

“I was amazed at the incredible dishes the restaurant chefs produced and wanted to make them at home, but quickly found that many of the ingredients were almost impossible to get hold of for a home cook. I hope that Sous Chef will inspire ambitious home cooks to sample new flavours and master more challenging dishes.”

Confident cooks welcomed the new store. MasterChef finalist Andrew Kojima said: “This is a great idea and I wish it had existed when I was competing on MasterChef – it would have made tracking down hard to find ingredients so much easier! You wonder why nobody has done it before”.