Software specialist Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) has announced that Live Chat is now available across its UBX Cloud Services suite of applications, including Panel Management, supplierENGAGE™ and UBX baseHUB™.

Live Chat adds an extra dimension to the Supplier Self-Help features which are integrated into S4RB’s software solutions, and which help to foster greater understanding between suppliers and their retailer customers. This improved Supplier Engagement through better motivation and understanding increases the quality of retailer-supplier interactions to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency, and therefore achieves valuable cost savings for the retailer through reduced time and manpower required to answer supplier questions and queries.

The principle of Supplier Self-Help is to ensure that relevant information is readily and easily available to suppliers through the establishment of tailored web portals that they can access at any time. Live Chat allows retailers to provide an additional level of support on top of this, particularly at times when suppliers may need some extra help, such as during the introduction of new features or policies, or the implementation of new systems, processes or tools.

James Butcher of S4RB says, “Supporting suppliers comprehensively is a vital part of good Supplier Engagement, and results in benefits for retailers as well as suppliers.”

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