New from Gourmet Africa, a range of top-selling and authentic cooking sauces developed to help chefs deliver inspiring new flavour profiles in line with food fusion trends.

Perfect for casual dining, pubs, B&I sites and stadia, Gourmet Africa’ sauces can be used with all protein and vegetarian options. Chefs can create an authentic (gluten free), healthy meal in minutes.

Paul Rostand of Gourmet Africa says: “Gourmet Africa provides chefs with the opportunity to offer the vibrant and exotic taste of the African continent, enabling them to drive further innovation into their menus.”

The Gourmet Africa range:

BOBOTIE CURRY (South Africa Cape) – a mild and fragrant sauce for recipes with dried fruit.

DURBAN CURRY (South Africa) – a very spicy hot red curry with dried chillies and famous “mother-in-laws tongue’ curry mix.

CAPE MALAY CURRY (South Africa) – a highly popular sauce with sweet spices, like cinnamon and ginger, dried fruit and savoury seasoning like garlic and onions.

DORA WAT (Ethiopia) – a medium to hot spicy Ethiopian stew prepared with chicken and vegetables, flavoured with spicy Berbere paste.

Packs come in 1 litre cartons, packed six to a case with an 18-month ambient shelf life.

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