Food and drink IT specialist CSB-System International has devised and installed a central turnkey IT solution at the meat processing plant of leading Belgium supermarket the Colruyt Group.

The new system meets the many detailed requirements of the meat industry, and has enabled Colruyt to replace all its previous stand-alone software programmes with a fully integrated system that delivers optimised information and material flows for increased efficiency and transparency.

The system features 50 software-controlled I points around the factory which co-ordinate and control purchasing, cutting, batch processing, production, nutritional value management, quality management and traceability. The system also covers business process management and a document management system.

Mobile data entry enables staff in receiving, cutting, at the end of production, in the warehouse, in picking and during stocktaking to input information directly using mobile devices. These communicate with the central system to ensure fast and error-free information that helps to deliver important cost savings.

Efficiencies are further increased by the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which enables Colruyt to automate and co-ordinate information with its intermediate logistics centre for optimised deliveries to its retail outlets.

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