Cleaning Food production areas better using less labour, energy, chemical and water is every food manufacturer’s dream.  QJS (UK) Ltd will be exhibiting the high efficiency Q2 Wash down system at Foodex 2014 on stand K351.  Factories with the Q2 System installed have proved higher speed of clean through immediate access of wash down chemicals, ready diluted at point of use and through using low energy/high impact rinse water.

Hygiene operators, normally exposed to dangers using hazardous chemicals, are much safer with only dilute chemicals using Q2.   The ChemFlow unit simply draws the concentrate chemical as it is needed, dilutes it very accurately then delivers it to point of use via Q2 Chemical Proof Pipe work.

Time spent by operators testing chemical titration is dramatically reduced through the Q2 System having only one chemical dilution point.

Food Preparation areas are cleaner due to a constant and reliable chemical dilution rate and consistent foam application.  High impact, low aerosol rinse methodology delivers fantastic results without the overuse of electricity.

In today’s highly demanding market, the Q2 System is a must for every Food Manufacturer.

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