47% of British households eat pasta, and now Pastinos brings true convenience to this popular and growing sector.

Pastinos is made from 100% pasta and is fried and seasoned with a range of Italian flavours totally new to the Premium snack category.

Developed over 2 years by 2 Italians the Pastinos range includes 5 typically Italian flavours. Originale, Chianti & Olive, Sicilian Lemon & Black Pepper, Arrabbiata and Tomato and Sweet Basil.

Founder Giuseppe Martorana says “Food was always central to our family, and in typical Italian tradition was quite simple really, but always used the finest ingredients, I wanted this concept to become inherent to our range of Pasta snacks” he says. “So we insisted we used all natural ingredients in the making of Pastinos.”

Pastinos represents a world first in being produced using 100% pasta (durum wheat).


– Has a 270 day shelf life

– Is made from 100% pasta

– Is available in 5 mouth watering Italian flavours

– Is available in 150g and 40g bags

– Is VAT free

In addition to the launch, Pastinos is being supported by a national promotional campaign involving many of the major UK consumer publications.

Visit www.martoranasnacks.com for stockists Pastinos – it’s pasta, but not as we know it.

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