The TempTest® 2 food thermometer features an automatic 360° display, which rotates in 90° increments enabling the user to read the temperature in any position, and an intelligent backlit LCD display, making food temperatures easier to read whatever the time of day.

It also incorporates a large, easy-to-read digital display, with a precise read-out over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C with a 0.1 °C/°F resolution and an accuracy of ±0.4 °C (-49.9 to 200 °C).

The TempTest® 2 case is waterproof IP67 and includes an ergonomic rubber seal, both of which include ‘Biomaster’ additive to reduce bacterial growth. In addition to being waterproof, it is ‘probably’ one of the fastest reading contact thermometers on the market today – the true temperature of a product can be measured in just 3 seconds.

Both low battery and open circuit indication are displayed, where applicable.

Supplied with a hand held food penetration probe (Ø3.3 x 100 mm), with a fast response tip, the thermometer will measure the true temperature, typically 50% faster than traditional thermometers.

The TempTest® 2 food thermometer is competitively priced at £55.00 exclusive of VAT and available direct from order code 222-910.

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