A new exciting innovative concept of serving good quality hot, appealing food to the paying passenger, is being delivered by Gastro Culinary Innovation.

Buy-on-board food to-date is limited and viewed by many travellers only as a necessity not a ‘cannot resist’ choice!

Travel broadens the mind and it certainly broadens the palet.  Over the last couple of years we have seen a dramatic change in the type of food enjoyed and in demand by so many.

It’s quite incredible that something that dates back to ancient Greece and has been served in many forms in probably every country of the world, for hundreds of years, suddenly, has become extremely ‘in vogue’.   ‘Street food’ has evolved, and is now a sought after approach to food in the high street with many dishes from around the world available.  Whether it is in a restaurant or from a street vendor, offering their own national dishes, it can come in all sorts of shapes, tastes and guises.


Serving restaurant quality and style dishes in a highly constrained service either 30,000 feet in the air, on sea or travelling across country, has never been an easy task.

Gastro Culinary Innovation has recognised this growing trend, understands this market, and gone that one step further and created a range of dishes from around the world in crew friendly, ovenable packaging designed to emulate the hand-held authentic fun ‘Street’ eating experience.

Gastro’s ‘Street food’ range is delivered in our specially designed ‘Gastropak®’.  This pack not only look’s good, is easy to hold, it is space conscious and above all works very hard and well at delivering an excellent enjoyable eating experience to the end consumer.  Giving a satisfying, cost effective solution in a highly demanding environment.

What’s good on the inside needs to be equally good on the outside.  Gastro Culinary Innovation specialise in producing innovative high quality on-trend products ranging from full artisan bakery, meal solutions to an extensive range of hot hand held snacks.  For more information please see our website www.gastro-culinaryinnovation.com.

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