SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative is launching its 2013 Small Steps campaign this month and has joined forces with celebrity chef, Nadia Sawalha, to encourage women to adopt a healthier attitude towards food and dieting.

For the second year running, the campaign is being supported through a six week long media partnership with The Daily Telegraph.

As part of the campaign, the former Masterchef winner has created a selection of everyday recipes including Brioche, Chocolate Mint Cups and Malaysian Peanut Pancakes using SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative. The recipes, along with video tutorials and a wealth of content, will be available on the newly designed SPLENDA® website www.splenda.co.uk

SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative has a great sugar-like taste but a fraction of the calories per serving. SPLENDA® Sweet Minis are ideal in hot drinks and for use on the go, and SPLENDA® Granulated can be used as a substitute for granulated sugar in the making of cakes and pastries. SPLENDA® Granulated in available 60g, 75g and 125g packs and its Sweet Minis are available in 100, 300 and 500 tablet format.