Strapping specialist Mosca Direct is introducing two new machines into the UK market, which are ideal for the challenging environments of meat, poultry and fish processing and packing.

The new SoniXs MS-VA and SoniXs TRS-VA machines are the first side-seal strappers that are corrosion resistant and work with Mosca’s own ultrasonic technology, SoniXs. In addition, the machines feature a new, exposed Standard-6 strap path, also made of corrosion-resistant material.

The machines have been designed for use under extreme conditions such as dampness or with contaminated products. Since the sealing unit is located on the side of the strap guide frame rather than below it, process liquids or other foreign particles flow away without soiling it. This makes the machines particularly suited to food processing industries such as fish and meat.

The SoniXs MS-VA is a manual machine, while the SoniXs TRS-VA works in a fully automated production line. Both compact machines can be relied on to strap variable product sizes at up to 33 cycles per minute and are easy to operate.

Mosca’s SoniXs technology combines speed and efficiency with low emissions. As the system requires no pre-heating, machines are instantly available at all times and the accessible, open construction makes cleaning and maintenance of the machines easier.

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