Norbert Dentressangle has been appointed to handle the co-packing and chilled distribution of airline snack packs on behalf of the global leader in airline catering and management of in-flight service-related processes.

The company produces around 400 million airline meals for more than 300 airlines worldwide. In the UK, it currently supplies in-flight meals for a major airline out of London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester airports.

Norbert Dentressangle is responsible for the receipt of daily deliveries from the company’s suppliers, the packing of around 50,000 breakfast and tea snack packs each day, best before date labeling and daily deliveries to the three airports, all under strict temperature controlled conditions.

Employing a team of specially-trained colleagues to meet the detailed specifications associated with the presentation of the packs, the operation occupies a dedicated area within Norbert Dentressangle’s Perishables Handling Centre (PHC) at Heathrow airport.

Building on its activities at Heathrow and Manchester airport, the latter where the company is responsible for the screening and consolidation of all retail goods prior to delivery to the airport terminal, in 2012, Norbert Dentressangle launched ‘On Board Logistics’, encompassing air, rail and port-side solutions and warehouse, transport and added value services specifically aimed at cargo, catering, personnel screening and retail products being transferred to and from planes, trains, ferries and cruise ships. These services can be varied and include export, import, catering distribution, security and co-packing, labelling and other value add services to a diverse client base including retailers, importers and exporters, cruise liner providers, airline and airport providers.

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