CSB-System International has created a special IT solution to enable leading Irish food supplier Derrynaflan Foods to keep track of the procurement, stock-keeping, finance and logistics of the 7,500 products that the company delivers each week to a customer base of over 2,000 throughout the 26 counties of Ireland.

The CSB-System solution has a handheld terminal providing Van Sales Reps with the route, the stock, prices and customer list. An order summary appears on the screen, which the customer signs electronically, and the details of the sale are sent back to head office The handheld is also used to reconcile activities and re-order stock for the next day.


At the Derrynaflan head office the CSB system controls the entire order process and stock control and monitoring for the 800 or so products in the company’s portfolio.

Derrynaflan’s finance director Pat Casey says: “I looked at several different companies but only CSB was able to provide a complete solution that covered every aspect of our business. We have been delighted with the solution provided.”

CSB is now working on the implementation of an additional solution for a new call centre for Derrynaflan.

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