Digitron – an Elektron Technology brand – has announced new additions to its extensive range of robust hand-held digital thermometers. Demanding industrial and food environments will benefit from the rugged, water resistant 1000 Series thermometers, offering speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price. Simple, fast, reliable operation provides precise, stable readings in even the harshest environments, with a choice of thermocouples – thermistors for lower food safe temperatures, T type (-250 to 400 degrees), and K type (-200 to 600 degrees) for the more extreme heat generated by industrial applications – enabling an extensive range of temperatures to be measured.

For more wide-ranging applications, Digitron has developed the cost-effective, water resistant FM38 and FM45 thermometers, suitable for use in any environment. A choice of general purpose and air probes connected via a simple two-pin plug allows temperatures to be quickly and accurately measured (FM45 only), while a protective rubber boot helps to prevent accidental damage. The FM45 also offers push button selection of various display options, including centigrade or Fahrenheit, minimum and maximum temperature readings, and probe selection.

To learn more about Digitron’s hand-held digital thermometers and purchase online, visit http://www.digitron.com/thermometers/digital-thermometers.html