Italy’s number one risotto rice producer – Riso Gallo – continues to meet the needs of today’s consumer with the launch of a new range. Although less time is being devoted to scratch cooking, time conscious consumers are still looking for a tasty meal solution that doesn’t have any nasty additives. The Riso Gallo Risotto Box is a speedy, high quality meal ready in under two minutes.

Riso Gallo has created a practical way to enjoy an authentic risotto in just 1 min 30 seconds. The innovative production process ensures a creamy and al dente risotto – the rice and the sauce are cooked separately, each maintaining their organoleptic characteristics.

There are three flavours in the range; Chicken and Mushroom, Ham and Tomato and Four Cheese. The box, a 325g carton complete with disposable fork, is designed for one person and has an 18 month shelf life at room temperature.

Jason Morrison, Managing Director of Gallo UK, Ltd. has conducted numerous focus groups and analysed market trends in order to ensure the final range would satisfy current consumer needs. He says, “Research conducted in the UK, concluded that consumers wanted a quick and convenient alternative to pasta and noodles, that was packed with protein and flavour.”

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