MPS Food Logistic Systems is your partner for intra-logistics solutions in the food processing industry and distribution centers.

MPS Food Logistic Systems covers all aspects of the intra-logistics:
* Solutions: from high-tech control systems to work area design
* Products: from transporters to labellers to storage systems
* Services: consultancy to full or partial design, construction and implementation
* Projects: complete turn-key intra-logistic design

MPS Food Logistic Systems works together with the client to translate his ideas into production opportunities. Together we will ensure that his products arrive at his clients on time and in perfect condition.

MPS Food Logistic Systems designs, builds and implements intra logistics systems in which the product is developed under controlled conditions. The equipment is ruggedly built in stainless steel and meets the highest hygiene requirements.

Traditionally, MPS Food Logistic Systems focuses mainly on the meat processing industry.
The expertise of MPS Food Logistic Systems – in which the total intra logistics handling is at the center – has been used very successfully in other food industries, like:
* meat processing industry (white and red)
* dairy
* confectionery
* chocolate
* potatoes, vegetables and fruits

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