Masurian Beef Jerky Sticks are the newest creation from Masurian Meat Distribution. As the distribution company that owns the Masurian meat brand, Masurian supplies only unique 100% natural products.

Our slogan is “Real Meat – Easy to Eat” and our meat is 100% natural, with no artificial additives or preservatives. 100g of our jerky is prepared using 290g of fresh beef, making its flavour concentration more intense and beefier. In a 25g serving of our jerky you will find only 0.9g of fat and a whopping 10.75g of protein, which makes our jerky one of the healthiest on the market.

The combination of an extended marination period and the thickness of the sticks allows for the perfect consistency, texture and moisture content to keep our jerky chewy whilst remaining soft and moist. Our handy easy-to-open Jerky packaging box is designed to easily fit into your pocket, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. We have all the ingredients in place to proudly say that ours is NOT just another Jerky – but indeed Easy to Eat. In case you were wondering, it’s damn tasty. Masurian Meat will also be releasing a line of matured air-dried hams and beef products.

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