Stancold, specialists in temperature controlled hygienic and fire rated areas since 1946, have recently launched an innovative new website truly standing out from the dull, dry and old fashioned websites one normally encounters in the UK construction industry.

Packed with useful, easy to understand technical information & guides with a dedicated page for the Food & Drink Industry, Stancold’s new website demonstrates the expertise and wealth of knowledge the team has accumulated during the years.

The website aims to ‘put a face and heart’ to the company by presenting their experienced and talented team of people: project managers, installers and office staff (Team page) who constantly drive each project to success and happily assist customers with enquiries and advice.

The new website offers a modern platform for showcasing Stancold’s past and present achievements in a wide selection of Case Studies, News and Testimonials, all tailored to the Industries they work in and matched with the Products they offer. Rich in multimedia content such as Photo Galleries and Videos, Stancold embrace new technologies with embedded Social Media channels portraying a living-breathing company.

The Mobile version offers a simplified and easy to navigate website for the busy, ‘on the road’ customer pulling in essential content which is enjoyable and easy to read on a small screen.

Kevin Gillham, Stancold’s CEO said:
“We are really pleased with our ‘new feel’ website. Our people are our business and our customers our focus. The new site personifies who and what we are and the result is great!”