It is now just over a year since Silgan Inc acquired Rexam’s high barrier food container business and Silgan Plastic Food Containers, as the business is now called, is going from strength to strength, especially in Europe according to Sales and Marketing Director for Europe and Asia, Nick Brewin. ‘We are now part of a wider food packaging family and our new colleagues in Silgan Metal Packaging and Whitecap have made life easier for us by introducing us to different customers and markets. We have recently secured supply contracts in the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Turkey.’’ He is also pleased with business growth in the UK.

Nick goes on to say ‘Our products are all about making life easier for the consumer – we supply packaging for long shelf-life (typically 18-24 months), ambient, convenience foods such as soups and ready-meals that can be microwaved and eaten ‘on the go’. We have a unique in-line manufacturing process, Rotary ThermoForming (RTF), which offers our customers both superior technical performance and commercial advantages. Our range of 99mm, 83mm and 73mm bowls (500ml to 100ml) can be processed and double-seamed closed on conventional canning lines. We also have a range of stock heat-sealed containers.’’

Three recent UK product launches have involved very well known brand names that have used Silgan PFC products to re-energise familiar products and help meet a new generation of consumers.


Fray Bentos® Meat Puddings

This classic British meal has historically been packed in a traditional metal can, to be opened with a can-opener and cooked for 45 minutes in boiling water. These famous meat puddings are now being re-launched using Silgan PFC’s new, light-weight plastic bowl. It is opened using an easy-open metal end and cooked in the microwave for 3 minutes – easy!


Hormel ‘STAGG® Chili’

Usually packed in a metal can, these flavoursome chilli meals have to be tipped into another container before cooking. However, this classic ambient product is now also available in Silgan’s high-barrier plastic containers, decorated with a carton-board sleeve and is perfect for putting straight into the microwave and eating directly out of the container; ideal for folk in a hurry – easy!


Hormel 200g Spam®

This iconic chopped pork and ham product was first introduced in 1937 in metal cans in the US, but in 2013 in the UK, a market trial is being conducted using a high-barrier, rectangular, plastic cup made by Silgan PFC. The pack, with a clip-on lid, easy to remove heat-seal membrane and tapered shape, makes product removal easy (especially for the elderly or infirm) and any unconsumed product can be hygienically put back into the lidded container and stored in the fridge until required – easy!


As Nick Brewin summarises, ‘’Silgan PFC is here to make life easier for our customers and the end-consumer and we are eager for more opportunities to help’’.

For more information, contact Nick Brewin, Sales & Marketing Director, Silgan Plastic Food Containers.

Email: [email protected] or Telephone: 0044 1432 851722

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