Riggs Autopack Ltd are exhibiting an automatic twin head depositor and single head “bulk” filling machine, a 3 metre slat conveyor incorporating a scroll feed system, heavy duty gating, and lid press unit for “snap-on” lids.

There is also a selection of semi-automatic machinery on display including a bench mounted “micro-fill” depositor, transfer pump, and stand-alone filling machine designed for small to medium scale batch runs.

Riggs Autopack’s depositors and filling machines are available as semi-automatic units for small scale production, or a bespoke conveyor filling system for larger batch runs. They provide damage free depositing of hot or cold liquid, semi-liquid and suspended solid products, and a no-obligation machine trial is available upon request.

If you’re investing in a semi or fully automatic depositing system to accurately fill jars, bottles, pots, tubs, trays, cartons, buckets, jerry cans, pouches or bags, then Riggs Autopack could have the solution.

Stand Number FG44

Tel: 01282 440040