Premium cereal brand, Lizi’s is extending its granola range to deliver decadence through a harmonious blend of ingredients. The new Lizi’s Indulgent Moments Granola has been lovingly crafted to elevate the breakfast experience to well-deserved indulgence, creating new moments to enjoy granola.

The range comes in two truly satisfying variants, centered around a specially curated blend of luxurious flavours, set to awaken the tastebuds, and ignite the senses.

Lizi’s Indulgent Moments Caramelised Croquant Granola contrasts the bit of a crunchy croquant with the sophistication of smoked almonds to arouse the senses with sumptuous delights. Vanilla flavoured granola comes together with the crunchy croquant caramel pieces and smoked almonds to create a harmonious blend of ingredients.

Lizi’s Indulgent Moments Sea Salted Fudge Granola melds intense, nutty flavours with the bittersweet lift of salty fudge to awaken the anticipation of lavish pleasures. Toasted wholegrain oats, nuts and seeds are complimented by delectable salted caramelized nuts and sea salted caramel flavoured fudge pieces, delivering decadence.

Taking time to find the small magic within your day is a great way to keep your mood boosted, and Lizi’s new range offers a new opportunity to appreciate those sweet moments. 

With no guilt to be had, Lizi’s Indulgent Moments Granola is all about taking a step back, taking a deep breath, savouring the moment and helping you to feel a whole lot better. Creating mood-boosting moments with every mouthful, whether for breakfast, dessert or when you need it most.

And remember, like Lizi’s original granolas, this new range is also vegan friendly, meaning everyone can add a pinch of Lizi’s luxe to their day. 

Available in Sainsbury’s stores from 18th June and Waitrose from 13th August. RRP £4.50 for 350g pack.