A functional chocolate bar fortified with vitamins and minerals which are claimed to improve eyesight is one of the latest products to benefit from a ‘new look’ thanks to the work of film packaging specialists National Flexible who have supplied a printed laminate film for the individually wrapped bars.

The laminate film was printed on one of the very latest state-of-the-art high speed gravure presses during which a patterned cold-seal adhesive was applied during the process so that the film could be sealed at low-temperatures without affecting the product. The outer layer of the laminate is engineered to easily release from the adhesive as the film unwinds on the packaging machine, eliminating the need for an extra release lacquer and reducing time and cost on press.

National Flexible operates from a state-of-the-art facility servicing its customers with flexible packaging in the food, confectionery, bakery, snack, contract packing and pharmaceutical industries. They have established themselves at the forefront of quality, procedures and best practice in the packaging industry. Independently audited, the company has become well-known as the preferred supplier of packaging films to a growing number of high profile UK manufacturing and FMCG customers.

Telephone: 01274 685566


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