– A modern twist on an traditional culinary staple –

Attempting to make Polenta from scratch has historically been a labour of love but new Polenta Pronta from Donatantonio is a ready to serve alternative, available in a convenient, easy to store 1kg block.

Donatantonio has been importing and distributing Mediterranean products in the UK for over 100 years to food manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and restaurants contributing to the ever increasing consumer demand for the finest cuisine. Grilled, fried, baked or simply warmed up, not to mention a delicious alternative to pasta, Polenta Pronta is no exception to Donatantonio’s premium ingredients range.

Whether it’s a vegetable fricassee, a meat ragu with fresh herbs and cheese or simply just served alone, Polenta Pronta offers endless culinary possibilities and is a delicious and versatile way to satisfy an array of palates.

Simon Bell, CEO of Donatantonio said: “In many parts of Italy, and indeed the rest of Europe, Polenta has steadily grown in popularity so we believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to capitalize on this trend without any of the preparation hassle.


This is a brand new product for us, which complements many of our existing ranges, providing an entire recipe concept rather than just a stand-alone product.”

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Donatantonio’s rapidly expanding product range contains over 600 lines from pasta, tomatoes and olive oil through to balsamic vinegars, rice, couscous and vegetables such as artichokes and peppers.

All products are carefully sourced from accredited suppliers to ensure consistent high quality and the best possible levels of availability and customer service.



Corn was introduced to Italy from the New World in the 16th Century and quickly became popular when it was ground into fine flour and used to create one of the favourite dishes of Northern Italy – Polenta.

Pronta means ‘ready-to-serve’ and is the instant variety of Polenta made from the traditional Bramata type.