A customised multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system from Ishida are major components of a new packing line for instant dried soups.

The line installed at Swiss manufacturer HACO AG includes an Ishida linear multihead weigher and IX-GA X-ray inspection system. The 12-head linear weigher processes the soup ingredients at a speed of up to 170 weighments per minute with a weighing accuracy of 0.1 g.

The main reason for HACO AG’s investment in the new line was the desire for greater flexibility during end-of-line packing. The manufacturer also wanted to considerably increase output and ensure maximum availability.

HACO AG packs the dry soups in bags. During filling, pasta or vegetable ingredients are mixed with a soup powder. The linear multihead weigher was specially developed for the high-performance handling of free-flowing products with small target weights.

Once the ingredients are in the bag, soup powder is added using auger fillers. The sealed pre-printed bags are then conveyed for quality control in the Ishida X-ray, which is able to handle the commonly-used aluminium-coated bags.

HACO AG places great importance on foreign body detection, less on account of the company’s in-house processes and more to monitor the raw products.

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