National Flexible have been appointed to provide the latest packaging for a new range of pre-packed croutons launched for sale in major supermarkets.

Manufactured under licence by Chaucer Foods UK Ltd, the world’s leading soup crouton manufacturer, the packs needed to have instant shelf-appeal. As such, the printing of the film was a key factor in reproducing the artwork of the iconic logo to make them instantly recognisable as an extension of the Heinz brand.

National Flexible produced a bespoke metallised laminate which was printed on the very latest state-of-the-art high-speed gravure press using a series of laser-engraved cylinders to ensure that the artwork was reproduced to the highest quality.

“Specialist bespoke laminates can often mean a lengthy lead time as the materials are made to order. We offer all of our customers the opportunity to benefit from reducing those lead times to a matter of days by making use of our free stock-holding facility,” said National Flexible’s Sales Manager Lee Rollinson.

“Finished reels can be delivered in as little as 24 hours – or as required. This level of service is ideal for customers who are dealing with supermarkets and need to be able to respond quickly to any unexpected demand or promotions.” he continued.

Telephone: 01274 685566

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