Linx Printing Technologies has launched a CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) printer with a number of first-in-class features for fast and reliable three-line coding which also has the adaptability to be further upgraded as and when required.

The new Linx 5900 has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and consistently reliable coding, and offers the lowest maintenance costs for this type of printer along with extended service intervals of up to 6,000 hours.

Among its many new features, the Linx 5900 offers a large 1000 message memory store and built-in USB for faster code changes. The large and easy-to-use colour user interface provides prompted coding fields for quick and easy message creation, and the SureFill® system ensures mistake-proof fluid refills.

The Linx 5900 also provides a cost-effective and predictable maintenance programme. Service intervals are up to 6,000 hours and each service requires fewer parts to be changed than with other printers. Together with minimal printhead maintenance, this means that the Linx 5900 delivers lowest-in-class annual maintenance costs.

Additional features can be added to cope with new production line requirements. Linx Insight® software offers remote monitoring and message input from a smartphone or PC, and Linx QuickSwitch® enables code changes using a barcode scanner.