Heat sealing specialist Proseal is launching its latest innovation in tray sealing. The new fully flexible Proseal GT5 incorporates a number of technical developments and enhancements to deliver a machine capable of achieving in excess of 200 trays per minute across all pack formats.

The GT5 can handle any type of packing operation including atmospheric sealing, MAP gas flushing, Vacuum MAP sealing, skin packaging below and above the flange, and Skin Deep. Customers can simply select the format types they require and these can be added to or taken off at any time.

Designed to maximise floor space, the GT5 features new Proseal technologies Pro-Motion, which speeds up the infeed of trays to the sealer, and Pro-Tect, an advanced user login security system. An enhanced servo film feed and rewind system reduces machine duty by around 75%. Further energy efficiencies are achieved using Proseal’s recently launched E-seal® technology which delivers a high-precision seal with an extremely strong sealing force. The GT5 retains Proseal’s renowned rugged construction to food industry approved hygiene standards.

Proseal director Steve Malone says: “The flexibility of our new GT5, combined with its high speed capacity, means food manufacturers have a machine more than capable of meeting both current and future production requirements.”

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