Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals, supplied by UK loading and unloading specialists Thorworld Industries, have provided a leading Maltese food distributor with a comprehensive solution for maintaining a consistent ambient temperature within its warehouse.

Alf Mizzi is Malta’s leading importer and distributor of food and other grocery products, whose wide product range includes many chilled goods. It is therefore vital that the internal warehouse temperature remains at the required four degrees before items are transported to supermarkets, something that is not always easy given the island’s climate.

Alf Mizzi selected Thortight Inflatable Dock Seals because they offer the closest seal between the trailer and the loading bay, preventing air ingress for a consistent internal temperature.

They also offer many other significant benefits for food distributors. Seals remain deflated until the trailer is in the correct position, minimising vehicle and seal damage for long-term durability and performance. Standard Thortight units also fit the majority of loading bays and provide a highly effective seal to different vehicle heights, widths and shapes.

The success of the initial installation has led to a second order of a further three seals, underlining Alf Mizzi’s faith in Thorworld’s solutions.