Rapid test techniques are enabling food and drink manufacturers to achieve vital 24-hour turnaround on analysis of contaminants – glass and other fragments – found in their products.

In a recent test programme, independent experts Glass Technology Services Ltd (GTS) found that 70% of fragments, which had been found in products by consumers had originated from items commonly found in the home, such as measuring jugs and mixing bowls. Of the remaining 30%, nearly all could not have been introduced in the food manufacturing process.

“Accuracy and speed are clearly vital with these kinds of analyses,” said Andrew Broadhurst, GTS Development Technologist. “In many cases we have been able to help manufacturers avoid product recalls as well as protect their vital brand reputation.”

“We have been investing heavily in our fragment analysis service, both for glass and non-glass samples, enabling us to identify the most likely source of stray glass or other material and exclude potential sources. In the majority of cases, contamination by the manufacturer is not the most logical explanation.”

GTS is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 standards. The team provides analysis, consultancy, testing and R&D support to food and drink manufacturers across the UK and internationally.


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