The latest mouth watering product to hit the UK shelves is New Zealand Longdown Lamb.

ANZCO Foods launched the product into selected Waitrose stores late January the range includes cutlets, lamb joints, rib and stuffed rolled roasts, burgers and kebabs.

The distinctive koru fern packaging is eye catching. But it’s the content is what everyone is talking about.

ANZCO has selected the best NZ farmers who share their passion for growing the highest quality lamb and have strong welfare and environmental standards. The Longdown breed has been developed with the consumer in mind and delivers premium quality pasture fed lambs.

The skilful processing means Longdown is chilled and aged to providing consistent succulence, tenderness and superior flavour.

ANZCO’s partnership with Waitrose allows the UK consumers to experience in season lamb all year round. The recipes on the packaging provide even the amateur cook the ability to experience, impress and excite their taste buds.

Waitrose Buyer; Peter Heywood says “ANZCO and Waitrose have been working together to develop a breed of lambs that deliver a great eating experience and performs well for farmers’, ‘Longdown is what the lamb category has been looking for and will encourage new consumers and re-engage those looking for something a little different’.

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