Ishida multihead weighers are playing a critical role in helping one of the UK’s largest frozen vegetable processors and packers increase throughput by as much as 20%.

The five Ishida weighers at the Pinguin Foods UK site in Kings Lynn include an advanced 24 head CCW-R multihead weigher with three-litre hoppers for mixed vegetables and four five-litre hopper 14-head models for single varieties. On the lines where the Ishidas have been installed, overall weighing accuracies are running at under 0.7% deviation from the target weight, compared with around 1.8% previously.

Pinguin Foods UK is part of the Belgium-based PinguinLutosa group, a global leader in the supply of vegetable and potato-based easy-to-prepare products.

“The high quality standards that we set ourselves and that our customers demand mean we have to invest in the latest and best equipment,” says Chief Engineer Paul Spurrell.

While the Ishidas were selected for their speed, their superior accuracy and reliability have been equally valuable benefits. Product specifications including target weight are pre-programmed into the remote control unit and clean down can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

The weighers are part of an ongoing multi-million pound investment at Kings Lynn. “We are a forward-looking company and are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver the highest standards to our customers,” concludes Pinguin Foods UK’s Managing Director Nigel Terry.

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