Finally mum’s favourite finger food has been combined with one of her favourite weaning foods as Organix launches Banana Rice Cake! Tasty, organic and with no junk, mums can’t wait to get their hands on them with 65% finding Organix Banana Rice Cake appealing and 50% wanting to buy. In its first few weeks of launch rate of sale is already reaching levels of the established and very popular Organix Rice Cakes plus mum is adding this as an additional purchase with no impact on sales of the rest of the range evident.

Finger foods are an essential part of a baby’s diet, required to help develop the physical, emotional and social skills for children to learn to feed themselves and to have a positive engagement with eating. Children enjoy finger food as they can handle it themselves, look at the food, put it into their mouths to discover texture, taste and flavour, and to learn that their actions can have an effect.

Finger foods have a wide range of benefits;-

* Helps babies to learn how to bite and chew

* Help babies learn to use fingers and hands to self-feed

* Help get babies used to eating different food textures

* Help to develop hand eye coordination skills.

* Helps babies learn to recognise when they are full

* Gives an opportunity for a babies to be independent in choosing new foods to try

* Increasing independence can allow the family to enjoy meal times together and be more relaxed

All Organix Finger Foods are specially designed through shape, texture and taste to help babies develop the skills they need to feed themselves. Organix Rice Cakes are great to encourage baby to develop more complex skills to grip and pick up objects as the round shape helps to encourage your baby to rake food towards them and use the scissor grip. The texture is firm to hold but gentle enough for your baby’s developing gums.