After a year of development National Flexible have brought to market an innovative, new environmentally-friendly packaging material made from a structure which would be suitable for home-composting.

inSpiral Visionary Products approached National Flexible to source a unique, high-quality printed laminate material for packaging air-dried kale chips. It was vitally important that the packaging projected the ethical, eco-concious values of the superfood contained inside.

With their excellent reputation for developing cutting-edge packaging technology, National Flexible were the ideal partners in this endeavour. They have previously had commercial success with chalk-based films for M&S, McDonalds and Dairycrest; they also introduced unique oxy-degradable laminate films to the market.

By utilising this 20 years’ worth of experience they were able to produce a bespoke, high-barrier, multi-layer material. Each of the different substrates has been independently certified to EN13432 standards for compostability. Specialist inks and lamination adhesives were also used in production to ensure the overall structure of the material could then be certified as 100% home compostable.

“Repackaging our healthy snacks in a way that sits in line with our company ethos to produce foods that are good for your health and the planet was always going to be a challenge,” said Dominik Schnell, CEO of inSpiral Visonary Products. “Thankfully, in National Flexible, we found an inspired partner to collaborate with on the commercialisation of what is now a truly unique and inspiring packaging material; we are proud to contribute to a better world.”

Interest in the new packs has been unprecedented, with online sales exceeding expectations. A number of listings with major retailers are also pending.

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