Rawlins presents high- and ground-level answers to dust, soils & moisture


Food producers determined to keep their facilities clean from top to bottom can turn to Stand AA333 for support and answers to two of the more vexed problems in industrial cleaning.


From bakeries to soup manufacturers, businesses not only face the challenge of keeping hard-to-reach, high-level areas clean but also the risk of potentially explosive combustible dusts.


SpaceVac is a simple, safe and cost-effective system that empowers any in-house team or general contractor to clean at height without powered access equipment or scaffolding.


Using super-lightweight carbon-fibre poles and cleaning accessories, SpaceVac enables operators to clean up to 11 metres from ground level inside buildings, and 15 metres externally.


SpaceVac is the only high-level cleaning apparatus that is ATEX-certified as safe for use in explosive environments.


An optional wireless videocam allows the operative – or a supervisor viewing a recording – to ensure build-ups of dusts are removed. This is crucial in controlling flour dust, the main cause of occupational asthma in the UK.


Another problem facing food producers is the threat to worker safety and hygiene posed by moisture and soils tracked across internal floors by forklift trucks – and onwards on employees’ feet.


Denis Rawlins Ltd is exhibiting Waterhog fork lift truck mats from the renowned US mat manufacturer, The Andersen Company. The mats – which have proved extremely popular in the UK food industry – have a bi-level surface that removes moisture and dirt from truck wheels. Fast-drying, easy to clean and durable, the Waterhog fork lift truck mats are suitable for use within and outside warehouses and factories.


Denis Rawlins Ltd provides a free mat audit service and demonstrations of the SpaceVac at your premises.




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