ASTEC CONVEYORS designed and installed a high level case conveyor system for the expanding company Intersnack.

Previously, palletising of cases was carried out manually at the end of each production line, and then transferred by pallet truck some 50 metres through a busy operational area to the warehouse.

As the area in the packing hall was restricted, Astec designed a system to automatically merge different case sizes from various production lines into one single line, using zero line pressure zone controlled powered roller conveyors.

Due to restricted space, Astec introduced a spiral conveyor to provide continuous, smooth vertical transfer of product to a high level. This can operate in either direction and features a space saving small footprint of only 2m.sq. It also offers additional benefits of low maintenance requirements and long operational life.

The spiral feeds onto a high level powered roller system to the warehouse, eventually declining down a belt conveyor onto a gravity roller section for manual sortation and palletising.

The conveyor system has resulted in labour cost savings and reduced pallet truck operations. The system was installed as a turnkey project in conjunction with Elmleigh Electrical who designed the electrical control system.

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