Since the success of Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals” consumers question critically what they eat. And the number of vegetarian and vegans increases daily.

Still though, vegan groceries are normally produced in smaller quantities. Considering that the minimum order requirement for offset-printed labels is significantly higher than those production quantities, vegan products are often labelled incompletely or unprofessionally.

But the readability of information is a key factor to the consumer’s purchasing decision, it would be beneficial for food producers and importers to have a printing solution that allows professional printing of individual full-colour labels and therefore enables you to respond quickly to customer needs.

With the desktop colour label printer LX900e by Primera Technology vegan products can be labelled professionally and effortlessly. It’s easy then to design your individual labels and add for example the Vegan Flower – the trademark of the Vegan Society – identifying your products as vegan and therefore immensely simplifying the daily life of vegan-living people.

In order to introduce food producers and importers to the range of possible applications of a fast and easy label production Primera will be exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products Europe. The company will be presenting its label equipment on its booth # 3031.

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