Headlining Endoline’s stand E30 at Total 2013 is the latest case erector – designed to handle SRPs, the 248, fully automatic case erector is a high speed, servo driven machine incorporating a gluing system to seal the bottom of each case as it is formed. The use of glue is essential with SRPs as tape interferes with the functionality of the cases at the retailer, but it also supports the higher running speeds made possible by the use of servos while significantly reducing the cost of consumables by eliminating the need for tape.

Cleverly designed, the 248 incorporates Endoline’s signature dual opposing vacuum case opener and a top hopper which results in an extremely compact footprint enabling the 248 to be installed as an upgrade in space constrained packing halls as well as in state of the art new production sites.

Other items from the Endoline range will be on show, including a case packing module and a fully automatic random case sealer.

The prevailing trend by retailers to make widespread use of shelf ready packaging is easy to understand in terms of operational efficiency, and Endoline has worked with both food producers and board manufacturers to engineer innovative products designed to work efficiently at high levels of productivity with SRPs.


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