‘Super-savvy’ consumers, the world’s resources running dry and climate change were just some of the topics discussed at the Denny Bros Open Day in May, Promote, Pack and Inform.

Focusing on innovation, product functionality and sustainability, speakers included Ed Gray from VCG, a fixed fee promotional risk management provider, who explained that we have become a society of ‘extreme couponing’ in a recessionary climate.

Brand Managers were advised to protect their promotions from fraud and abuse by using Unique Random Numbering and to keep sights on promotional profitability rather than high redemption rates which could potentially lead to a loss.

He also highlighted how social media exposure can enhance a brand or cause it extreme damage.

Mark Shayler, MD of Tickety Boo, a global expert in eco-friendly packaging, discussed how manufacturers can work within green constraints.

He looked at reducing packaging in terms of logistics; moving to more sustainable raw materials and ways of packaging bulk consumer products – like carbonated drinks.

Stephen Jarrold, Marketing Director of Denny Bros said: ‘What we believe to be normal now in terms of packaging will be very different in the next 10-20 years. We will change the way we keep customers safe, informed and engaged. Multi-page labels like Fix-a-Form will help to do this by communicating unlimited messaging.’