The New Food Hub is the ultimate guide to increasing plant-based revenue. We’ve compiled global market data, case studies, and professional recommendations in one easy-to-use platform. Get the bird’s-eye-view of the alternative-protein sector – with clear, actionable insights.

Top insights on the New Food Hub include:

  • 7 key development strategies for plant-based products
  • How to make plant-based products easy for consumers
  • 5 marketing fails to avoid with plant-based foods
  • How to use influencers to grow your plant-based products

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What will the New Food Hub offer?

Actionable insights

Harness the profitability of plant-based eating in a way that suits your business and your consumers. 

Optimise your product range

Refine your range and perfectly balance your brand-versus-own-label ratio in each category. 

Laser-target your plant-based R&D 

Discover commercial whitespaces, novel ingredients, and leading alternative-protein providers to collaborate with. 

Optimise in-store product placement

Nail your product placement using our category-specific insights. 

Gain market share

Protect your future earnings through strategic investment in sustainable products. 

Resonate with consumers

Avoid classic messaging pitfalls and discover the best strategies for each demographic.
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